Sunday, January 01, 2006

How many people love L?

My wife popped in on my daughter L and I during her bedtime routine. I was spotting L on a handstand in the corner.
"Helping her wind down, daddy?" scoffed J.
"This is our last set, right L?"
I eased L down onto her belly and scooped her up into bed.
"Daddy, who gave me this blanket?"
"My friend, J from college."
"Why did he get it for me?"
"Because he loves you." I replied. "Lots of people love you. Would you like to count them?"
"Yes!" L replied enthusiastically.
"T and M love you. Mom and Papa love you." I continued on for a bit. I ticked off her school friends and L began to make a face.
"J doesn't love me, she loves mommy." I realized that this was true and laughed.
"OK." I replied, "Who else?"
"C loves me."
"Great. And how about your teacher, Mrs. H."
L confirmed that one.
"What about uncle E and auntie J."
"Good one." I replied. "And their girls A and P."
"What about M?" retorted L.
We continued on and on.
"How many is that?" Asked L.
"55." I replied.
"Wow. Can you please write that down so we can start from there tomorrow night?"
I smiled. "You bet, and maybe we can start the list of people that you love."
"OK." L replied.
I gave L a huge hug and went downstairs for some yoga.

Fantastic New Years Eve with the kids.

We had our annual New Years Eve party last night. The kids ran around the house, mixing with the adults at times and conspiring in the play room at others.
My favorite part of the evening is the simulated ball drop at 8 PM. All of the kids huddled in the living room and counted backwards from 10. When we hit 1 all the kids whooped it up and screamed and hollered. After dust had settled L began chanting:
"Again, Again."
My buddy J yelled out, OK, now let's do new year's in Iceland.
"10, 9..."
We did the countdown no less than 30 times. We hit a dozen time zones and scores of cities. The kids were shouting out their favorites and soon began starting the countdowns themselves. At that point the joy was selfsustaining. No adult intervention was required.
Another magical moment with the kids that I will never forget.