Sunday, January 16, 2011

Amazing meditation!

The topic of this recent meditation was to "Breathe in and feel Gods love, and breathe out and breathe your love to God." After 10 minutes of this meditation, the energy level in my body increased dramatically. I began to shake and my back arched. I felt I could see God at my 3rd eye and could feel his energy surging through my body. My chest and abdomen were swirling with energy as well. I felt that I could literally feel God and his love. After the meditation my limbs and body were shaking for about 20 minutes. It was a wonderful feeling that continued with me for several days


Nancy Parker said...

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Sailor and Co said...

which God are you referring to?

DaveFlynn said...

Whatever God speaks to you.

antonette298 said...

Maybe it helped you a lot. But I don't believe that you saw God.

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