Thursday, February 03, 2005

Connecting with a kid at church

This week we started our Secret Buddies week at church. Adults draw names for kids and then send them secret messages for the next 2 weeks. The event is designed to connect a child with an adult and bring them closer together.
I drew one of my favorite kids in the church. J is a good friend of my daughter L. I have written her a couple of notes this week.
In the first note I made a reference to a birthday party that we both attended. In the second note I told her that I was a man and what sort of sports that I liked to play. I made a soccer reference that should have helped, since we played soccer at my daughter's B-Day party last month.
I like to think of the excitement and the challenge around the new game for J. I like to picture her getting excited for the mail and trying to guess who I might be. I think it is nice to bring that excitement to a young person's life. Especially when the person is outside your immediate family. That is truely a bonus. I can augment the already great support that J gets from her own parents.

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