Saturday, February 12, 2005

Saturday with 2 kids.

This was an all world Saturday. My wife let me sleep in and then headed out to work on her church fundraiser. M went down for her morning nap. L and T and I started the morning with some yoga. We did head stands and bridges. T threw himself up toward the wall and sometimes maintained his balance and other times slammed to the ground. L has the knack of the headstand and can balance for 100 seconds. When daddy got up, the kids would push me down after 20 seconds or so.
After mommy came home I loaded up the two oldest kids and headed food shopping. We went to Trader Joes and had a ball. The kids helped me find everything on the list. L decided how much Red Pepper and Tomato soup to pick. "I think 4 daddy. That will be great." We demolish the stuff, so I let her load it up. T chomped away on his Pirate's Booty corn puffs and picked out his cereals. We split a cane juice soda between the 3 of us on the ride over to the children's museum.
The museum was a riot. We ran and jumped and slid and laughed for 2 solid hours. The kids immediately made friends with a 5 year old named Tyler. They played tag for a few minutes and then we began exploring the museum. T and I played in the sandbox up front for a while. We build castles and sifted sand. Then we moved to the back of the museum and found a pendulum. The pendulum had a bucket that allowed sand to flow through it. It was fun to watch T fill the bucket and make different shapes by swinging the pendulum in different directions. Then L came over and began contributing ideas for shapes.
"It looks like a snowflake!" Screamed T in excitement.
"Yeah. Great job T!" L loves to tell T when he is doing a good job.
We played a video game on the computer for 20 minutes. The kids laughed as I narrated the crazy game of dumping water balloons.
They have a big shark head on the wall so we pretended to hunt the shark for about 10 minutes. We would run around the museum and come back and catch the shark. The kids were really excited.
T got dressed up in a lion suit while L and I played in the shadow room. T came in and made some lion shadows with L struck up some proud warrior shadows. We finished with a game of checkers by T's rules where he can jump anything. L again said "Good job T." As he jumped all of our checkers.
On the way home we stopped into a nursing home to visit an elderly man from our church. He is 91 years old and suffering from dementia. He does not know us, but it feels good to give him some company. Today he was in the lobby, so the kids were able to make the 6 seniors in the area very happy. We spoke briefly about our church and about the activity that was scheduled for Sunday.
We went home and had dinner with our mom's. The kids love their nana's. It was nice to have them both over. Not only because my wife's mom cooks dinner, but it feels good to hear about their days. It also feels good to know that they have someone to have dinner with.
After dinner, L and I prepared for the father daughter dance at the YMCA. I got dressed up in my suit and my wife curled L's hair. L just turned 5 and she really looked like a big girl tonight. The night at the dance will warrant an entire entry, but we got home at around 9 and my wife immediately got L into bed.

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