Sunday, November 09, 2008

Classic Quotes

We are driving in the car the other night. M (4) asks: "What is a date?"
T, my 7 year old boy responds: "That's when you find a girl that you really love. Then you ask her to go out to dinner. Then you talk about your feelings."

That morning my mother in law called and said that she would pick up breakfast for the kids. I told her we would love a half a dozen bagels from Dunkin Donuts.
L (8), who had just woken up and overheard the conversation replied:
"Have them put the cream cheese on the bagel!"
"L, nana will buy a tub of cream cheese and we can spread it on the bagel. It is more economical that way."
"No, have them put the cream cheese on it!"
"L, it costs much less to get a tub of cream cheese. Besides, then you get to decide how much to put on."
"But I need to have them do it! There professionals!"
I spun around quickly so that L could not see my reaction to that comment. It is best not to argue with her before she has had her coffee:)

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