Friday, February 13, 2009

Good Karma

Two months ago I lost the key to my Honda Civic Hybrid. I told my son T I would give him $5 if he found it. He looked for hours, but did not find it. I gave him $5 for his effort.

On Saturday of this week I needed to borrow T's pedometer. He was not in his room, so I grabbed it, looked at the steps (22,000) and reset the pedometer so that I could track my steps for that day.

At the end of our walk T discovered I was wearing his pedometer. Dad, I was counting my steps, please tell me you did not reset that! He was crushed, but I promised him that I would get it back up to 22,000 steps.

By Thursday morning I had completed the necessary steps and handed T back his pedometer. I also advised him that if you break something of somebody's that you should fix it for them before you give it back. He said he understood.

On Thursday afternoon I got a voicemail that T had found my car key in the garage that afternoon.

On Thursday night I gave T a new, crisp $5 bill.

Now that is good Karma.

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