Thursday, February 24, 2005

Puzzle night with my boy.

My wife took my oldest daughter to a girls high school basketball game last night. My youngest daughter went to bed at 6. That gave T and daddy some 1 on 1 time.
"What would you like to do T? "
"Let's play a game. No lets do a puzzle."
T got out his favorite dinosaur puzzle. 50 pieces. I think he has it memorized, because he cut through it really quickly. I handed him the pieces as he went and popped a few in around the edges.
When he finished we high fived and gave each other a huge hug and a kiss.
"Let's do the big puzzle next!" said T.
"OK, I'm game, but that is the last one because it is almost past your bedtime."
We worked on the big puzzle for quite a while. T knew this one also, but the colors of the dinosaurs were very similar and the pieces were much smaller. While we were struggling together on the top left corner T said: "I really love you dad."
"I really love you too, T." I replied.
"But your not doing too good, dad." T was remarking on my inability to place a piece in the last several minutes. Oh the highs and lows of parenting.
"I will try to pick up the pace T." I replied.
We plugged in a few more pieces and the rest of the puzzle fell into place. More high fives hugs and kisses. I said: "T, you know what I am going to call you from now on?"
"Puzzle champ."
T thought about this nickname for a while. He resists nicknames with a passion. T, Mr. T, Mr. Handsome, Dog, Chomper and a host of others have all been met with hostility.
"I like puzzle champ." T replied with a smile.
I gave the Puzzle Champ a piggy back up the stairs and him the Poo and Hefalump story for bedtime.
One on one time is really precious.

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winnie said...

March 21st. 2005
I am working in my office with T on my lap. He asked to use my pen, takes a scrap piece of paper and begins writing (he is best 3 year old attempt)He finished and tells me it says I LOVE YOU. Since I have been told I can make our the words he told me.
T then asks if I can send it to the fire station. I said "you want me to send it to the firemen in Hamilton" and he replies "yes" With a bit of qonder as ask why and her replies "because they came and put our fire out" (we had a fire in our furnace back in October and it hadn't been mentioned since then)
I told him I loved him and I would send it. Now I am off to write a letter to the firemen explaining the little scrap of paper that I will enclose with my letter with the almost legible letters...I Love you
He's a good kid.