Monday, January 17, 2005

Daddy pops out to the Pats game.

I believe it is important that our children know that we have a rich life outside our immediate family. So last night I went into Foxboro Stadium and watched an amazing exhibition of power, poise and athleticism as the Patriots throttled the Colts.
My wife is excellent when I request some time with my friends. She shoos me out the door and assures me that she will be fine. I know that it is a lot for her to start her week on Sunday at 12 instead of Monday at 9. I really appreciate her running the show for me during my shift.
My friend M and I talked about our dreams for our kids and ourselves during the rides to and from the game. We are both in the computer industry so it is fun to talk shop with another old pro. We also discussed Iraq, Palestine, the Tsunami, String Theory, the Mars and Titan landings, yoga, pilates, Sox prospects, Patriots unselfishness and briefly the Patriots cheerleaders.
I enjoy listening to M. When he tells me about his alumni board work I feel really proud of him and tell him that it is great work and really good for the students. I also really enjoy giving him some insight from my experiences with Yoga, Bhuddism or Tony Robbins.
I do not get tied up in the outcome of the game any longer. Whether the Pats won or lost I would have been equally joyous. My voice would be gone from screaming at the top of my lungs regardless of who came out on top. The excitement of the drama and the good company makes it a night worthy of missing the kids bedtimes. There are not many of these evenings, but this was one for the ages.

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