Friday, January 14, 2005

Special Time with the prince

After we scarfed the pizza and I hugged my baby girl to sleep I spent an hour of 1 on 1 time with the prince. One of his sister's friends had taken L out on a birthday date. They had gone to build a bear. According to my wife, L was talking about it all day.
T and I gathered up all of his foam play letters and began making words. I made the usual dog and daddy and then the man took over. He loves to make long nonsense words and listen to me sound them out. Hmfoxegt. He liked hearing me annunciate foxy in the middle of that one. We kept it up for a half an hour and then headed up to bed.
T loves the Land Before Time movie. We have been recounting snippets from the movie before bed. After we do that we make up our own story. All of his friend are characters in the story. His friends go off as dinosaurs to visit one of their grandparents house.
"T, why do grandparents love it when kids come to visit?"
"They love when we play. They love when we use our good manners." Said T.
"Great. After they serve you soup and popcorn what makes them happy?" I asked.
"They are happy when we finish our food. They are happy when I put my plate in the sink."
"Awesome T, anything else?"
"They are happy when I give them a ride on my dinosaur back. They are also happy when I take a bath in the river and go right to sleep."
"I bet they love all those things. Good night Tom."

T was about to drift off to sleep when he heard his sister return. He woke up, sprinted downstairs and then screamed for the next hour that he wanted milk. So much for the story book nighttime routine, but I kept my cool and let him work it out. I really felt sorry for him tonight that he could not settle himself back down.

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