Monday, January 31, 2005

Hiking with L (5 years old)

L and I headed out to the yard on Saturday to do some sledding. We did a few dozen runs up and down the hill when L decided that she would like to go for a hike. We trudged through 2 feet of snow through our back yard to the local golf course.
L insisted that I drag the sleds.
"There is a great hill over there!" She exclaimed.
I knew that there was no perfect hill that the two of us would reach on our hike and even if we reached it, the powder would not be packed. I did not care. I loved the exercise and the 1 on 1 time with my daughter.
I followed her little foot prints as she led me through the woods. When we got to the course she begged me to pull her in the sled.
I had her hop in and I pulled her up the gently sloping fairway. I felt like Stalone in Rocky 4 when he was training in Siberia. We got to the 4th green and Sly gave up.
"Please hop out, L, I am cooked."
L got out of the sled and we trudged over to some of the deep bunkers that guard the front of the green. L, do you want to try to sled into that?
"Yeah!" L exclaimed.
I loaded her into the sled and pushed her down the 5 foot vertical slope. She yelped in excitement and plopped down into the bunker.
"Let's do that again!"
As L looked up from the bunker I leapt in. I dropped the whole 5 feet into 2 feet of snow.
"I want to do that!" L exclaimed.
She jumped into the bunkers and I helped her climb out. Occasionally I would bring up the sled and give her another push. We laughed and played for what seemed like an hour. I then loaded her up and pulled her back to the house in the sled. She could not wait to tell mommy about our adventure.

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