Thursday, January 20, 2005

L talks to me at bedtime.

I love talking to my oldest daughter (5 years old) at bedtime. It seems to be the time of day where she is most open to talking about herself.
Tonight she told me about a conversation that she and her friend M had on the ride home from school. M had told L the name of her assistant teacher. Lauren told me the name. I tried to sound it back to her and she corrected me several times.
"She is the teacher that always brings the kids to the potty!" L exclaimed.
I don't care what the topics we cover as long as she keeps talking.
"I drew A a picture today of a Christmas Tree. It was for his birthday book. I signed it Love L."
"That's great. How do you think A will feel when he sees it?"
"He'll really like it."
I found out a few weeks ago that L likes A. That was also during a bedtime discussion.
I hope these conversations continue until I am 100 years old. I enjoy each one more than any conversation that I have ever had.

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