Friday, January 28, 2005

Lunch with the Family on a work day.

Now that my commute is 8 minutes long I come home from work on Friday's to eat with the family. My nephew was over today. He and my son run to the door and tackle me. Nephew O is 3 and calls me Dad. I think this is adorable. I have to remember this later that evening when I find my golf clubs strewn around the basement.
We had a great lunch with lots of hugs and kisses and Pirate's Booty from Trader Joes. My cousin is looking for a new house, so I asked her how the hunt was going. She got me up to speed while corralling her little ones.
I am so thankful for this bonus time with the kids. It is a little more hectic than my former picture of the ideal lunch, but this is much better.
The kids scream for more booty, and I patiently ask them to say: "More please." One day it will sink in.
Real action in the trenches. I love it.

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