Thursday, January 13, 2005

L's school birthday party

I spent an hour at my daughter's school today in order to sit in on her birthday party. It was pure magic. My wife and I sat on either side of Lauren during the story time.
My wife and I told stories about the first 5 years of L's life. I told the class how proud I was when L swam without her bubble. I also told them that she has been a loving and helpful big sister. We talked about KinderMusic classes and we passed around pictures of L during each year of her life. The kids were in hysterics when they saw 1 year old L driving my Ford Taurus.
Then it was snack time. I again sat next to L, but also sat next to her friend Ben. He asked me what I did for work. I told him I wrote software. We talked about how his father wrote video game software. And then we talked about his favorite parts of class. As snack time went on I talked with many of L's friends. I wanted to be able to put names with faces when I heard school stories at home.
The kids served the snacks and were very proud of their roles in preparing the snacks. Some of the kids had cut the vegetables and made the soup together. It was fun to watch their faces light up when they explained their roles in the preparation. They also loved being chosen to serve the food.
I hugged Lauren on the way out and high fived many of her friends. My wife and I smiled and held hands on the way back to the car. We marveled at the angel that we were guiding through childhood.

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